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How Can I Find Someone's Cell Phone Number?

It is impossible to find someone's cell phone number using traditional traditional methods of finding phone numbers. This is because cell phone numbers are protected by strict privacy laws. Because of these laws, cell phone numbers are not released to the public. Just up until recent new changes in privacy laws, cell phone number directories have been restricted to officers of the law and other licensed investigators.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to find a person's cell phone number, you would have to hire a private investigator. These private investigators would charge up to 0 just to lookup one person's cell phone number. This price seems quite ridiculous, but it's true that thousands of people have paid this much to find someone's cell phone number.

Verizon Cell

The great news is, because of these new changes in privacy laws, once restricted cell phone directories now allow you access to find someone's cell phone number. However you need to know that cell phone numbers are still protect in some way and cellular phone number not released publicly. Therefor you must pay a fee for cell phone directory access. This fee is small and is definitely worth the price if the information is important to you.

How Can I Find Someone's Cell Phone Number?

In actuality, there are only a few cell phone directories where you can find someone's cell phone number by name. The National Cellphone Number Registry is perhaps the most popular cell phone directory and is also the same cell phone directory used by law enforcement and private investigators.

Visit: for more information.

How Can I Find Someone's Cell Phone Number?

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Review of the Motorola Razr v3c by an Everyday User

Design - The Motorola Razr v3c design gets an A+. The phone doesn't feel cheap at all, in fact it feels more sturdy than any other phone I've ever had. The all metal design makes the phone feel like it's going to last for a really long time. I really like the look and the coloring. It perfect for a guy, and now there is a pink version recently released by Verizon Wireless that's perfect for the ladies. A close friend of mine just got one, and the coloring is super cute for the 'girly girls'. The pink version looks slightly purple in most of the pictures I've seen online, but is actually more of a rose pink.

Camera - The Razr v3c camera is the best camera I've had so far. I've taken pictures that actually look good! This is a first for me, even though I've had two other camera phones. I've sent a few to some friends that were surprised that I took the pictures with my phone. That has to say something for the picture quality. I know that there are some camera phones out there with higher resolution, but I'm very much satisfied with the camera on this one.

Verizon Cell

Features - The Razr v3c has some really cool features. Here are some of the ones that stood out initially. The voice dialing feature on the phone shows that Motorola has come a long way in their voice recognition technology. You don't have to prerecord the names anymore, and it still works better than my old phone, even though I had prerecorded all the names. I actually use the feature sometimes. I never used it before because it didn't work well enough on some other phones that I had. Another feature that really sets this phone apart is it's VCAST abilities. I can watch stand up from my favorite comedians, or watch the big finish from PTI, a popular show that I love on ESPN. There are a lot more free videos to watch than I expected. I love the feature and use it habitually.

Review of the Motorola Razr v3c by an Everyday User

Screen - The Razr v3c screen looks so incredible! When watching videos, it actually looks like the television! It really does. I'm very much impressed with it. The screen doubles as a viewfinder for taking photos, and the lag time isn't as noticeable as it was on many of my other phones. In fact, I don't notice it at all. Normally LCD screen change drastically when viewed from different angles, but with the Razr v3c I don't notice it at all.

Audio - The Razr v3c has an internal 22 kHz speaker, and sounds great. It does sound like a smaller speaker, but that's what it is. When watching videos, there isn't any problem at all. A group of people can easily listen and hear everything comfortably.

Messaging - The itap predictive technology that Motorola uses took some getting used to for me. I had always used t9, and itap is a little different. Overall I like it though, and it's just as easy to use as t9.

Internet - This phone absolutely gets an A+++ when it comes to the internet. With new ev-do technology, this phone can browse the web much faster than any phone I've used. You can watch streaming videos that come in high quality. There is almost no wait time.

Usability - I have one complaint about this phone. The operating system is a little slow. There is a slight lag that you notice when going through the menu. It's especially noticeable when trying to respond to text messages. I would love to see Motorola update the firmware, I think that's all it would take because the phone is powerful enough to be much faster.

Overall - This phone is great. I give it an A+ overall and will probably use it for a long long time.

Review of the Motorola Razr v3c by an Everyday User

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Government Subsidized Cell Phones From SafeLink Is One Way to Save Money

Many times during the last three years someone has had their house taken back by the bank due to not being able to meet mortgage repayments after the global financial crisis. In this article, we will look at one of the ways that you can save money, in regard to phone costs.

Changing phone providers in your household is a simple way to ease your money troubles. One of the things that you can do to get started on saving money is to take a look at how much you're spending on phone service each month. When it comes to making the assessment of how much is being spent on communications take into account land lines, and any other phones that members of the family may have.

Verizon Cell

For someone who has had billing problems the idea of getting a free phone with minutes is a very appealing way to save. There is such a service for people in need called SafeLink. The service which is a branch of the Tracfone Company is subsidized by the United States Government.

Government Subsidized Cell Phones From SafeLink Is One Way to Save Money

To qualify for a Government subsidized phone, you have to meet the poverty line guidelines and only have one phone per household. Unfortunately, programs like this have been abused at times, and the customers who could really do with a free phone are not able to get one. If you read many of the SafeLink reviews that are on the web you see the what I am talking about. Intact a quick Google search suggested the word scam when searching for the company's name.

Other services that are affordable if you didn't qualify for subsidized service are Tracfone's other brands such as well Tracfone itself, Net10 or Straight Talk. Furthermore, there are other companies like Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile offer plans that come close to the Tracfone plans, and they have the appeal of all U.S operated call centers.

If you're into great customer support, Virgin Mobile has a /mo unlimited prepaid plan for the current BlackBerry range of phones. AT&T also has an unlimited for /mo. (AT&T Smartphone's requires the purchase a separate data plan.)

Another thing that is worth researching is what network is utilized when you choose a prepaid phone. All of Tracfone's products use various major networks like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. International calls are not a common feature of Tracfone plans, thought Straight Talk recently added this feature. Roaming is currently only on T-Mobile & AT&T prepaid phones at addition activation cost.

Many prepaid reviews cover the best phones that are currently available in your neck of the woods, and now that unlimited 3G is offered at an affordable price more people can connect without breaking the bank.

Government Subsidized Cell Phones From SafeLink Is One Way to Save Money

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Cell Tower Lease FAQ's

Q: Who are the carriers who could likely present me with a cell tower lease to be negotiated at my property?

A: Generally the wireless carrier will not present you directly with a cell tower lease. One of their wireless site acquisition or real estate managers will usually contact you first to gauge your interest level. You want to make sure before entering into a cell tower lease agreement with any of the wireless carriers doing business (ATT, Sprint-Nextel, US Cellular, Metro PCS, ClearWire, Verizon Wireless, Alltel, T-Mobile) or sign a contract with any of the large tower development or rooftop management companies (AAT, Crown, American Tower, SBA) that conduct your due diligence, but don't wait too long.

Verizon Cell

Also if you're lucky enough to be contacted by any of these firms, make sure that your you or your lawyer don't negotiate yourselves out of a cell tower lease. Often times attorney's start marking up a lease agreement just to get billable hours. If carriers have to waste a lot of time going back and forth they will move onto another site that's willing to do business, and then you will wind up looking at the site instead of collecting rent from it.

Cell Tower Lease FAQ's

Q: What should I look for in my cell phone tower lease?

A: A properly executed cell tower lease should protect your ground space rights, rooftop space rights and address subleasing / subletting issues that many cell site owners often time miss. It will also include tax language to protect you from assessments. Also, it is crucial to properly develop the site (height of tower and available ground space) to allow for expansion and collocation which will increase revenues on the cell tower. All cell tower lease exhibit drawings should be completed by a state licensed architectural engineering firm. I could write a list of a dozen things that seasoned real estate attorneys miss regularly on cell tower leases, but then where's the fun in that?

Q: I don't know anything about zoning or construction project management, should I even bother with getting a cellular site built on my building's rooftop?

A: The carriers will not select your site if it is not feasible for development from a number of aspects, mainly zoning, and land use perspective. Only enter into a cell tower lease that puts the burden and expense of obtaining permits and approvals on the carrier or tower company, not on you the Owner/Landlord.

Q: What if cell towers become obsolete? What happens then?

A: Carriers are heavily invested into the development of the wireless network. Over 70% of the U.S. population uses cell phones. So if you hear rumors about a balloon or blimp or satellite being used for cellular technology don't be fooled, cell towers are here to stay. We didn't stop using Sony Walkmans either, they just call them iPods now, but people will always want to have personal music players, and the same holds true for personal communication devices.

Q: How long will my cell tower lease be good for?

A: When you sign a cell tower lease the lease term will be initially for 5 years with two renewal terms in most cases, and an additional ten year term after that. Since no one has a 35-year cellular tower lease as of yet, we can't say how long they can be extended for, but assume that your cell site leases will be extended for as long as you own the site and people need to speak to each other on wireless devices.

Q: How much can you get for your cell tower lease?

A: Isn't this always the big question... And our answer is that it depends how badly they need your site and where you are located. The closer to the heart of a major metro area, the greater the demand for wireless coverage and capacity will be, and the more you can get. Rooftop sites vary from ground leases. For example in Columbus, Ohio you might get ,100 per month each for three carriers on your rooftop totaling ,300 per month. While if you had a cell tower on your property in the same city you might get ,200 for the first carrier who built the tower, and to additional carriers pay rent to the first carrier to co-locate on their pole, and then each pay you 0 for ground space rights, or a total of ,000 per month.

Q: Shouldn't My Attorney Be Able To Guide Us?

A: A cell tower lease is a very intricate and specialized contract that is weighted heavily in favor of the cellular carrier. But think about it, it needs to be. Getting a cell tower built on your property is like having Donald Trump saying, "I'd like to have a small portion of your ground space, and I'm going to build a structure on your property that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at MY expense, and it can potentially bring you -2 Million in rental income over a 25-30 year period if we can develop it properly. But I'm only going to do this if the contract protects my investment. And if you don't like it, no hard feelings, the guy next door has 2,000 square feet of space and could use the retirement money."

Now nothing against Mr. Trump, because he is an icon of success, but if you were going to sign a deal with him would you use an average attorney or get a top-gun attorney? And that's where we run into a shortage of talent in the marketplace. Those who can afford it hire a specialized cell tower lease attorney, those who can't cross their fingers and hope that they are getting a good deal.

That's why cell tower development and leasing on your own is a challenge and why property owners who can find a partner to work with are well served in both the short and long term.

Q: How can I get a cell tower lease signed for a tower on my property or antennas placed on our roof?

A: Having an uncle working in the real estate department at one of the carriers is your best bet. If that's not an option, submitting your site to the carriers directly gives you roughly a 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000 chance for site selection.

Here's our insider secret to getting a cellular carrier interested in your site, revealed for the first time anywhere. First, pray to the gods of Radio Frequency. Then print up a dozen or so 18 inch x 24 inch "bandit signs" on your property that say in bold letters "I Want a Cell Tower On My Property." Your neighbors will probably steal them, but keep them posted on your property in a visible area. If a site acquisition consultant happens to be driving that way, you should get a call.

Last Question... (Extra Credit)
Q: What's the difference in signing a cell tower lease at ,000 monthly with 2% yearly increases vs. the same monthly rental amount at 3% early increases over a 25-year cell tower leasing term?

A: The difference is 2,000 over 25 years. WOW!! Are you happy or are you kicking yourself?

Cell Tower Lease FAQ's

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Phone, Internet, TV, Wireless...Comparing Bundled Services

This article will allow consumers to educate themselves on the best deals possible for bundled services. In the ever changing and ultra competitive world of telecom many consumers can be confused with the many different bundled plans and services most phone companies now offer. With the implementation of bundled services consumers can now have most all telecom products (phone, tv, internet, wireless) and services provided by the same company at a lower rate than having multiple service providers. This article will categorically break down plans provided by most major telecom service providers available in th US. Each provider will be rated based on blanket availability, services offered, and cost effectiveness. These are comprehensive reviews based on research and not personal experience. Phone Companies Beware this article is designed to educate consumers and provide the best possible options for telecom services.

First up AT&T The monopolizing entity of the Big 3 phone companies few can compete with the blanket availability of AT&T's products and services worldwide. Being one of only three telecom companies that also offer wireless phone service as a part of its residential bundle which also includes its unlimited calling plan phone service, satellite TV Through Dish Network and of course the world famous ATT Yahoo DSL. Few companies can compete, but there are cheaper bundled service plans out there especially for the consumer that is not interested in cellular phone service. Here is an example of the services offered and billing for the AT&T Residential bundled services plan.

Verizon Cell

Phone Service- Order AT&T All Distance Online Select(SM) online and get unlimited local and domestic direct-dialed long distance plus great calling features.

Phone, Internet, TV, Wireless...Comparing Bundled Services

TV Service- AT&T | DISH Network entertainment package with over 60 of America's favorite channels. Includes local channels Plus Free DVR.

High Speed Internet- Yahoo DSL ATT,Plus, order Express online and receive 1 month FREE! (New residential DSL customers only. Bill credit applied after three months paid service. See offer details.)

Wireless Cell Phone- Cingular Nation 450 anytime minutes Cingular Wireless® plan with Rollover® Minutes, unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes, and more. Plus get a /mo. discount
with qualifying AT&T services.

Bundled Plan Total Cost 0.94/mo or less!

Well Old Ma Bell Does Have A Cost Effective Money Saving Bundle With The Most Availability!
4.5/5 Stars

Next we have Qwest Communications One of the Big 3 Telecom service providers its coverage area is limited to the Western half of the states mainly the Pacific Northwest but as far as price and overall services this company by far has the best bundled package including wireless cell phone service on the market. One Negative though No free DVR here but more channels with Direct TV as opposed to ATT Dish Network, Here are the details.

Phone Service- Digital Voice: Unlimited local and long-distance calls from your home phone to anywhere in the U.S. and now Canada, anytime. PLUS, choose up to three of your favorite calling features.

TV Service- The DIRECTV® package offers 185+ channels in 100% digital quality.

High Speed Internet- Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe with MSN. Unlimited Internet access that's up to 25 times faster than 56Kbps dial-up.

Wireless Cell Phone- 500-minute plan, free UT Starcom 7025 phone (after credit on 2nd or 3rd bill, with a two-year agreement), free headset and charger, free shipping, free activation and free Unlimited Nights and Weekends Starting at 9 p.m. WHOO HOOO a FREE PHONE!

Bundled Plan Total Cost 125.96/mo

Unbeatable 5/5 stars if its available in your are choose Qwest!

Well here it is last of the Big 3 Phone companies Verizon. I'm wondering which of these companies will be around for the next 20 years with AT&T having a strangle hold on our national market. Verizon Phone company does provide some pretty stiff competition for Old Ma Bell though, Here are the details.

Phone- Verizon's Freedom Essentials provides unlimited calls to the US and Canada as well as the main basic calling features with voicemail being FREE 1 up on AT&T.

TV Service- Same Plan as Qwest with Direct TV more channels for the money as opposed to AT&T.

High Speed Internet- DSL the cable companies sure have 1 up on DSL consumers with faster speed available but in a bundle Verizon has a pretty good plan, Connection speeds up to 3.0 Mbps, More than 80 times faster than dial-up, Three installation steps
here is the one negative with their DSL service in the bundle One-year commitment required.

Wireless- Well We've all heard of the network on TV and the such and Verizon Phone Company does offer wireless services as part of its bundle with 450 anytime minutes and a standard wireless plan.

Bundled Plan Total Cost 134.99-144.99/mo depending on your area.

I would have to rate them #2 amongst the Big 3 as far as services and pricing but they do have the edge on Qwest based up blanket availability.

4.5/5.0 stars

Now we go on to the cable companies that have also submitted their bids for your telephone service as well first up we have Comcast Cable Company. Well if you are truly dedicated to cable TV and internet if available in your area Comcast Cable Company is the way to go all necessary equipment is Free after mail in rebates and services are exceptional based on consumer reviews online. Here are the details.

Phone- Unlimited local and long distance in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada from one provider. One bill for local and long distance. Keep your current phone number (subject to some restrictions).

TV Service- Over a hundred channels, plus local channels. Digital quality picture and sound. Parental Controls and an Interactive Program Guide Movies and shows you can start on your schedule with Comcast OnDemand - many included at no cost.

High Speed Internet- Comcast Highspeed Cable Internet, Speeds up to 3Mbps and a reliable connection. Anti-virus and firewall software, spam filtering and parental controls included. Always connected, no dial-up required. Up to 10 email boxes and extra storage FREE MODEM NO LEASING FEE AFTER REBATE!

With no wireless service available as part of the bundle I still have to give the Cable edge to Comcast with So many cash back offers on signup!

Bundled Plan Total Cost 99.00/mo

Next Up Charter Communications, the reviews are in some good some bad and well some just plain indifferent. Charter Communication Cable...Cable TV's answer to the Big 3 phone companies (AT&T, Qwest, Verizon) and satellite tv's quest to crush cable have assembled their own bundled telecom services package as well. Though wireless cell phone services are not offered as part of the Charter Bundle. Charter does have a few advantages that may just sway a chunk of loyal wireless consumers back to the wired world. Here are the details.

Phone- Unlimited local and long distance in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada from one provider. One bill for local and long distance. Keep your current phone number (subject to some restrictions).

TV Service- Over a hundred channels, plus local channels. Digital quality picture and sound. Parental Controls and an Interactive Program Guide Movies and shows you can start on your schedule with Charter OnDemand - many included at no cost.

High Speed Internet- Charter Highspeed Cable Internet, Speeds up to 3Mbps and a reliable connection. Anti-virus and firewall software, spam filtering and parental controls included. Always connected, no dial-up required. Up to 10 email boxes and extra storage

Wireless Cell Phone- NA

Bundled Plan Total Cost 99.97/mo

On Demand is Pretty Nice and no matter what DSL users say cable is faster than DSL but with no wireless service it means I still have to look at another bill month to month. Limited availability Though. 4.0/5 stars

Last but not least Time Warner Cable Company Well While Competing in huge markets such as New York, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio Time Warner has a bundled services package that seems to be the best for the loyal cable consumer. Still no wireless phone service but with high speed cable internet service through Road Runner and On Demand programming as well as a free DVR included in its digital Cable package it seems to be the service to outlast Charter and Comcast in the Cable Providers rank and file in our new telecom bundled services world.

Phone- It's time for a better residential telephone service. It's time for unlimited calling to anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, plus popular calling features for one low "monthly" price.

TV Service- Time Warner Cable Over 250 Channels
With features like Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you can now record anything you like and watch it later, with all the control of a VCR or a DVD. You can even pause live TV. Plus On Demand

High Speed Internet- high speed cable via Road Runner. Hey Its Cable internet always on and faster than DSL.

Wireless Cell Phone- NA

Bundled Plan Total Cost 99.97/mo

Hey I had AT&T but DSL was too unreliable I now have Charter but wish I could have Time Warner

4.0/5 stars

In closing with the market as competitive as it has become for your telecom dollars finding the best bundled services package for your home or business is just a matter of educating yourself.

Phone, Internet, TV, Wireless...Comparing Bundled Services

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Verizon Reverse Cell Phone Directory That Works

If your in need of a Verizon cell phone directory because you may be experiencing strange calls or getting a lot of hang ups, new services are now available. These days if you have a cell phone like most of us do you often get these annoying calls and hang ups. In some cases you may even be getting harassed, luckily you can now have options to stop the calls. The reverse cell phone option can also be helpful if you suspect your significant other is making secret calls, either because of adultery or another hidden agenda.

Being able to find a cell phone number can be very simple, many sites offer the reverse number option. All you have to do is type in the number and the search does the rest for you. Some of these sites may cost a membership fee but often the fee is a on time only deal and you can look up as many numbers as you desire.

Verizon Cell

The available Verizon cell phone directory can help you find that certain number and even a name and location. Using services like this can save you from having to hire a detective that ultimately can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are many cell phone directories out there, if you know the unwanted caller is using a Verizon cell phone chances are by using the easy to find directories you will have little or no effort to find the person your are trying to locate. If you are unsure what cell phone service the caller is using finding the number may take a little more effort.

Verizon Reverse Cell Phone Directory That Works

If you find you have to spend a little bit of cash to find that annoying caller it really can be worth it. To find a Verizon cell phone directory is about the same as any other provider. It really does not matter who the provider is, you can see a surefire way to find any Cell phone number including Verizon in my bio box below.

Verizon Reverse Cell Phone Directory That Works


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cellphone Search

If you have ever wondered how a cellphone search was done, I can tell you it's a very simple thing. All you need to learn is where to perform your searches and why. That is if you want a consistent method that will work 99% of the time.

If you know nothing before hand about how to reverse lookup wireless numbers, the first thing you need to understand is that mobile numbers are not public information. They are still considered private, so the only way you'll be able to find identifying information behind these numbers is by sheer luck.

Verizon Cell

You may read that you can possibly find the owner information in connection with the number by searching Google or some other online search engine. But experience has taught me, and I can pretty much guarantee will teach you, that it's pretty close to impossible.

Cellphone Search

Numbers that are considered private and not a matter of public record are just not going to be easy to find using free methods. A few years ago, you couldn't even obtain results behind cellphone searches for any price.

What changed is that the major mobile phone carriers decided to sell this information to third party data brokers. These brokers, known as reverse cell phone directories, are the resource now available to the public.

For a fee that is about equal to that of a large pepperoni pizza, you can found out pretty much all want to know about anybody with just a mobile number in your hand. Just make sure to use a cellphone search directory that allows you to search for free, doesn't require you to enter your personal information in exchange for results, and stands behind the integrity of their data with a full 60-day money back guarantee. That really is all there is to it.

Cellphone Search

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